Developed by the Training and Skills Commission’s Industry Skills Councils, these industry-led, sector-driven Workforce Insights comprehensively examine and inform on the training and skills needs of the state’s current and future workforce

Accommodation and Food Insights Report cover image

Accommodation & Food Services Workforce Insights

The accommodation and food services industry, also known as the hospitality industry, comprises several sub-sectors, including cafes, restaurants, takeaway outlets, pubs and clubs. Together, the industry employed around 59,000 people in South Australia in 2019, with most employed in the food and beverage services sub-sector.

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Aged Care Insights Report cover image

Aged Care Workforce Insights

The aged care sector includes caring for people in nursing homes, as well as services provided directly to people in their homes.

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Agribusiness Insights Report cover image

Agribusiness Workforce Insights

The agribusiness industry comprises several sub-sectors, including agriculture, forestry and fishing, food, beverage, wood and paper product manufacturing. The sector is estimated to directly employ around 62,000 people in South Australia, with the majority working in sheep, beef and grain farming, fruit vegetable and nut growing and beverage manufacturing.

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Community Services Insights Report cover image

Community Services Workforce Insights

Commumity Services are typically provided by government and the not for profit sector, although the for-profit sector is also involved through operations such as aged care facilities. The community services sector is comprised of a wide range of sub-sectors including adult community education, age and disability care, resedential care, employment services and other interest group services.

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Construction Mining and Energy Insights Report cover image

Construction, Mining & Energy Workforce Insights

The construction industry comprises several sub-sectors including building, civil engineering and construction services such as plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning. The main sub-sectors of the mining industry in South Australia include oil and gas, metal ore and mineral mining, exploration and mining support services. The energy sector includes electricity, gas and water supply.

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Correctional services Insights Report cover image

Correctional Services Workforce Insights

Correctional Services includes the managing and operating of correctional and detention centres, and rehabilitation services.

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Creative Industries Insights Report cover image

Creative Industries Workforce Insights

Creative industries is comprised of newspaper, book, magazine and software publishing; motion picture and video production, post production services; music publishing and recording; radio and television broadcasting, architectural and other design services; photographic services; computer system design; and performing arts. The industry employs around 19,500 people in South Australia.

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Cybersecurity Insights Report cover image

Cybersecurity Workforce Insights

The cybersecurity sector includes roles that impact an organisation’s ability to protect its data, information technology systems, and operations, and includes workers with both technical skill and those who apply knowledge of cybersecurity to inform an organisation’s risk management process.

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Disability Insights Report cover image

Disability Workforce Insights

The disability sector includes a range of allied and other care services, including physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, transport, residential care and disability assistance services.

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Education Insights Report cover image

Education Workforce Insights

The education sector comprises preschool and school education, tertiary (VET and higher education), and adult, community and other education.

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Finance and Insurance Insights Report cover image

Finance & Insurance Workforce Insights

The finance & insurance industry includes banking, investment, insurance and other financial services, and finance and insurance broking services. The sector employs around 22,300 people in South Australia.

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Health Insights Report cover image

Health Workforce Insights

The health sector includes providing facilities and services in hospitals and medical, allied health, pathology and diagnostic services. The sector employs around 72,600 people in South Australia.

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Information & Communications Technology Insights Report cover image

Information & Communications Technology Workforce Insights

The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector includes business and systems analysts, programmers, database and systems administrators, ICT network and support professionals, web designers and telecommunications and electronics trades workers.

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Local Government Insights Report cover image

Local Government Workforce Insights

Local Government in South Australia is the third tier of government and is recognised in the South Australian Constitution. It is one of the biggest sectors in the South Australian economy, investing more than $2 billion each year in providing services.

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Manufacturing Insights Report cover image

Manufacturing Workforce Insights

The manufacturing industry transforms agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining and other manufacturing inputs into new products. It is a diverse sector, encompassing food and beverage manufacturing, textile, wood and paper manufacturing, chemical and metal, transport, machinery and furniture manufacturing.

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Service Sector Insights Report cover image

Service Sector Workforce Insights

The service sector includes retail and wholesale trade, personal services such as hair and beauty, and repair and maintenance services.

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Tourism Insights Report cover image

Tourism Workforce Insights

The tourism industry includes the travel of both domestic and international visitors in South Australia and directly employs around 40,500 people. Many sectors benefit from tourism, including accommodation and food services, transport, retail, rental and hiring services, and arts and reacreation services.

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Transport Insights Report cover image

Transport Workforce Insights

South Australia's transport and logistics industry includes major sub-sectors such as road transport, logistics, warehousing, and stevedoring. The industry underpins the Australian economy, the community and all industry sectors by transporting and storing almost all the goods required for manufacturing; and in taking products to markets throughout Australia via warehousing and stevedoring operations.

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DRAFT - Wine Insights Report cover image

Wine Workforce Insights

The wine industry comprises grape growing and wine manufacturing and employs some 8562 people in South Australia. The sector is a major contributor to the state's exports and to the tourism sector.

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