The Training and Skills Commission is committed to ensuring quality supervision and on-job training for all apprentices and trainees in South Australia. Its Guidelines for persons who supervise apprentices or trainees provide direction to employers and their supervisors about the Commission’s requirements for the training of apprentices/trainees in the workplace.


The Guidelines establish the minimum requirements that employers need to meet in order to fulfil their obligations to apprentices/trainees under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008 and the Training Contract.

They provide employers and supervisors with direction on the Commission’s supervision requirements for the training of apprentices and trainees in the workplace. They do not displace, override or change an employer’s obligations under the WHS Act, which is administered by SafeWork SA.

The Commission has undertaken the first comprehensive review of the Guidelines since 2011, and developed draft new Guidelines for persons supervising the training of apprentices and trainees.

Public consultation on the proposed new Guidelines commenced in February 2020 and closed on 30 October 2020. The short video on this page summarises the Commission's approach to the development of the proposed new Guidelines.

Stakeholders including employers, apprentices, trainees, and employee and employer associations contributed to the consultation through the completion of online surveys, face-to-face meetings and written submissions. Feedback gathered will be summarised in a report for the Commission, together with any recommendations for changes to the proposed Guidelines, before a decision is made on their final form.