Skills for Future Jobs: Industry Priority Qualifications (IPQ) Survey 2018

The IPQ survey is closed. The Training and Skills Commission is analysing the results and conducting validation workshops with industry representatives.

The data and final reports will be available in December 2018.


IPQ Survey Frequently Asked Questions

What is the survey for?

The purpose of the survey is to identify the vocational qualifications that industry believes are a priority.

How will the data be used?

The information collected will be summarised and provided on the Training and Skills Commission website for anyone to use. It will be used to inform the Government’s investment in skills and workforce development.

What qualifications are included in the survey?

All current vocational qualifications and skill sets can be selected in the survey. This includes all current Training Package qualifications and skill sets, and all current accredited courses that were available on the national register, in April 2018.

Is it anonymous?

We will request your details in the survey for quality checking and validation purposes, however, your details or individual responses will not be reported on. Only summary information will be reported.

IPQ 2016

The first IPQ survey was conducted in 2015 and collected 850 responses from a broad range of respondents. The results of the survey have been incorporated into the Government’s decision making process for investing in skills and training. For more information, see the 2016 IPQ Report.


Information gathered through this survey by the Training and Skills Commission will be shared to inform the final advice provided to government. Names and responses received from respondents will be anonymised or aggregated for publication. If any respondent wishes to further restrict access to identifying information please contact the Commission on the number below. 

For assistance, please call the Training and Skills Commission on (08) 8226 3462.