Remain up to date on relevant programs, opportunities and events. Access a central source of information and a platform for two-way communication between the Commission and its stakeholders, as well as a forum for discussion on issues of relevance to you and your peers. Connect with others, put forward your perspectives, and make sure your voice is heard.

Earlier this year, as part of the South Australian Government’s Skilling South Australia initiative, Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) were established to strengthen industry’s voice in skills and workforce development, and to ensure funding for skills and training was directly aligned to industry priorities.

Following a revitalisation of the Training and Skills Commission (TaSC), expressions of interest were sought from industry, businesses, peak bodies and the public for members representing the following industry sectors:

The Commission’s eight ISCs - comprised of more than 90 members - consider and articulate the perspectives of South Australian industry around critical issues such as skills and workforce development, skills shortages now and into the future, and reforms to the training system.

Charged with collecting and analysing industry intelligence to support Government decision-making, the ISCs and their workforce roadmaps will play a critical role in informing the Commission’s Training Priorities Plan – to be launched later this year.

Engaging industry

To support South Australian industry in identifying and articulating priorities, TaSC has developed an industry engagement platform.

Connecting network participants in more than 200 industry sub-sectors, the platform will ensure you remain up to date on relevant programs, events, funding and engagement opportunities. It will offer a central source of information and a platform for engagement between the Commission and its stakeholders. 

Representatives of businesses, industry associations, training organisations, schools, government and community organisations, as well as apprentices and trainees will be encouraged to subscribe to the platform, which will go live soon.

Connect with others, put forward your perspectives via surveys on topics including skills shortages and funding priorities, provide industry input into the State Government's annual training investment and get involved in National training package reviews.

This is a platform for South Australian industry to have its say - make sure your voice is heard.