SATA Awards 2019

How are individual winners chosen?

Stage 1

Each written application will be assessed against the selection criteria to determine the shortlisted applicants.

All applicants will be advised as to whether they have been shortlisted.

Stage 2

Each of the shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an interview in person with the judging panel on 1 June 2020.

The judging panel will select up to four finalists and an overall winner for each award category. Their decision will be based upon both the written application and the interview.

How are organisation winners chosen?

Stage 1

The judging panel will assess each written application against each criterion and shortlist candidates for interviews/site visits.

All shortlisted candidates will be advised.

Stage 2

Arrangements will be made with shortlisted candidates for a site visit by the judging panel at their workplace.

The judges will then validate the written application by gathering further information and evidence to assist them in selecting one winner.

How will I know I have reached the next stage?

All applicants shortlisted for the next stage will be advised by the Executive Officer, South Australian Training Awards.

Candidates who have reached the next stage of judging will be contacted by telephone, with arrangements confirmed by email.

Who is on the judging panels?

All judging panels are chaired by a Commission member and consist of training specialists, VET practitioners, industry and/or sponsor representatives.

Can an individual or organisation (e.g. provider, employer) put forward more than one application?

Individuals can only be nominated for one award and must not accept any nomination for any similar award in another State or Territory in the nominating year.

Organisations may apply for more than one award provided they meet the eligibility criteria and clearly differentiate the information in their nomination between each award category.

Can an individual or organisation (e.g. provider, employer) nominate themselves?

Students may be nominated by their employer or training provider or self-nominate. We encourage you to obtain a letter of support from your employer, RTO or school if you are self-nominating.

VET teacher/trainers can be nominated by an RTO, colleagues, professional bodies, students or through self-nomination.

Organisations may nominate themselves, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Can part of an organisation apply?

In the case of employers and training providers with activities in more than one state or territory, only the training activities in South Australia will be considered for the award.

Where an organisation has more than one workplace in South Australia, it must decide to apply as a state-wide organisation or an individual workplace. If an organisation applies as an individual workplace it must lodge separate applications for each workplace that applies.

In the case of RTOs, they must be delivering training in South Australia and the application should be for the entire South Australian operation.

Can previous winners apply again?

Finalists in all categories may reapply for the same award in subsequent years, if they are eligible.

Individual category winners may not apply in the same category in subsequent years but may apply for other categories if they are eligible.

Organisation category winners may apply for the same award in subsequent years. 

My organisation is a registered training organisation. Which category do I enter - Training Provider or Employer?

Being a RTO does not necessarily mean the training provider category is the right one. The answer depends on your organisation's primary role:

  • If the primary role is training - Training Provider
  • If the primary role is something other than training (e.g. selling products or services) – Employer or Small Employer category.

What should I consider when writing the application?

The content of the written application is very important for proceeding to the next stage of the judging process.

Candidates in all categories are asked to provide information about themselves and/or their organisation. Nominators can assist candidates in preparing their applications, but the application should be written by the candidate. This means applicants should use 'I' or 'we', not 'he', 'she' or 'they'. Applications should be written in the first person.

Cover all the assessment criteria and all the points under each criterion. Treat all the assessment criteria seriously, because they are all important.

Vague generalisations should be avoided. General statements such as 'I am a good team member', 'I have an understanding of industry trends' or 'training is fundamental to the success of our business' must be supported with clear evidence and practical examples.

Keep your writing clear and simple.

Think of the application in the same light as a job application - emphasise what makes you or your organisation stand head and shoulders above all other applicants.

Remember, incomplete applications will not be considered.

Is there a cost involved in applying?

No. There is no application fee to apply for any award. The only costs involved are related to time and effort required to fully address the assessment criteria.

Can I advertise the win?

Winners and finalists in the organisation award categories are encouraged to describe themselves as ‘Winner/Finalist 2020 South Australian Training Awards’ in all marketing associated with their involvement with the South Australian Training Awards.

If I win will I go to the Australian Training Awards?

The 2020 Australian Training Awards will be held in Melbourne in November 2020.

Individual category winners and the VET Teacher/Trainer winner are automatic Australian Training Awards finalists.

Organisation category award winners are put forward as South Australia's nomination for the Australian Training Awards.

Individual awards judging:

  • Individual judging will take place in Melbourne in November 2020
  • VET Teacher/Trainer judging will take place in Melbourne in November 2020
  • Travel and accommodation costs are covered for all individual and organisation finalists participating in the Australian Training Awards.

Organisation awards judging:

  • The Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business will be responsible for organising judging panels for each award category.
  • Shortlisting of applications to three finalists will take place at a time to be advised.
  • Finalists will be contacted to organise site visits.
  • Judging of finalists (face-to-face interviews) will take place at a time to be advised.

If I’m a winner or finalist will I get my picture in the paper?

Winners and finalists are ambassadors for the South Australian VET system.

Winners receive media attention, including exposure through advertisements produced as part of the post-awards promotional campaign.

The Commission and the Department for Innovation and Skills may use photographs and non-confidential information from the applications in its print and electronic publications.