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Individual Awards

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award

Sponsored by Department for Energy and Mining

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Photo of SA Training Awards 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award finalist  

Donald Bell

Certificate III in Civil Construction
Trained by Civil Train
Employed by Banjo Paving and Landscaping

Donald was a keen sportsman growing up and, while attending Le Fevre High School, was acknowledged with the Aboriginal Sports Person of the Year Award for representing South Australia in Rugby League. At 18 he worked in New South Wales coordinating a pilot program connecting Aboriginal fathers with their children. He has also experienced work in demolition and in a container park, but a traineeship with Banjo Paving and Landscaping helped Donald realise his full potential.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award finalist  

Tyrone Hughes

Certificate IV in Work, Health and Safety
Trained by SG Learning and Development Pty Ltd
Employed by Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Tyrone is a proud Yorta Yorta man who is currently leading positive change towards a safer environment for all in the role of Safety Advisor for the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. His love for the construction industry grew the moment he first began a traineeship in Civil Construction and Plant Operation in 2015. Tyrone’s goal is to help the broader community in any way possible and continue on his vocational pathway.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award finalist  

Lena Stella Vera Kropinyeri

Certificate lll In Business
Trained by The Australian College of Commerce and Management
Group Training Organisation Maxima Group Inc
Host Employer Westpac

Thanks to a training-based study program with Maxima, Lena has spent the last year working as an indigenous connection banker with Westpac. Her greatest joy is being part of a team that helps bridge the gap in banking and spreads awareness of the disadvantages faced by remote indigenous communities. She loves sharing insights with colleagues about her Aboriginality and learning about other cultures. Lena’s dream is to encourage, teach and inspire her community and to be a role model for the younger generation.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award finalist  

Isaiah Rigney

Certificate III in Community Services
Trained by Australian Institute of Social Relations
Employed by Maxima

Isaiah is the youngest of seven siblings with an Aboriginal and Dutch background and currently studies at Para Hills High School. Isaiah is proud that he’s got to where he is today by sticking to his morals, shooting for the stars and never giving up. He credits his parents for his training achievements and is thankful for their support. Seeing the challenges faced by Aboriginal people in today’s society is what inspired Isaiah to pursue a Community Services career pathway, as he is especially passionate about becoming a role model to future generations.



Apprentice of the Year Award

Sponsored by Apprenticeship Support

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Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Jamie Aldred

Certificate III in Plumbing
Trained by PEER
Host Employer Lake Maintenance Pty Ltd

Jamie is a 4th year plumbing apprentice with PEER, hosted by Lake Maintenance Pty Ltd. After school, he worked in a management role at one of Australia's largest retailers for three years before deciding he wanted something more hands on. Starting as a labourer at a plumbing company, Jamie was soon nominated by his employer to begin an adult apprenticeship with PEER. After nearly four years of hard work and study, he was named PEER's Plumbing Student of the Year for 2019. Jamie is also proud to have won Lake Maintenance’s ‘Performance Driven’ award for two years running.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Kate Jansen

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - Cook
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Windy Point Restaurant

Kate is the Head Chef at Windy Point Restaurant/Café. She says it was hard work and determination that helped her achieve her goal of becoming a leader in the food industry; something she has worked towards since the beginning of her apprenticeship. Having a set goals ensured that whatever opportunity or difficulty arose, Kate was always working with a purpose and to the best of her ability. She has always been passionate about food and the way it brings people together, and says becoming a chef is the best choice she’s ever made.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Jasmine Rundle

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade
Trained by TAFE SA
Group Training Organisation MEGT
Host Employer BHP

Jasmine is a 4th year adult apprentice studying a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication. She’s learning the ropes at TAFE SA Regency Park while completing her apprenticeship with MEGT and working for BHP at their Olympic Dam mine site. Jasmine enjoys welding because she is always learning new things and challenging herself, and last year was proud to become the first female qualified to weld at Olympic Dam. She aims to continue learning as part of the BHP team and gain a dual trade studying Heavy Diesel Mechanics with the Mobile Fleet Maintenance crew.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Jacob Saunders

Certificate III Electrotechnology – Electrician
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by SA Water

Jacob was sure of his career path from a young age and began an electrical apprenticeship with SA Water at just 17. He started out with minimal trade skills but says four years working alongside a group of highly-skilled tradespeople allowed him to become a competent electrician with a good skillset. Jacob was awarded the title of ‘Regional Riverland and Mallee Apprentice of The Year’, and wants to continue to influence others in a positive way, as well as focus on his growth and career development.



School-based Apprentice of the Year Award

Sponsored by Department for Education

Department for Education

Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 School-based Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Tayla Carll

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade
Attends St Patrick’s Technical College
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Stratco

Tayla decided to enrol in a technical college when she discovered a passion for engineering in high school. She enrolled at St Patrick’s Technical College last year and has since received the school’s endeavour award and won an apprenticeship in Engineering and Fabrication with Stratco. Tayla was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and other disorders as a young child and is justifiably proud of her ability to overcome learning and life challenges. She says a strong work ethic and determination will see her continue to accomplish career goals in what is traditionally a male-dominated industry.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 School-based Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Sophie Nuske

Certificate lll in Agriculture
Attends Cleve Area School
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Jennifer Anne & William Robert Nosworthy

Sophie is a 17-year-old future farmer from the South Australian community of Sheringa. As a boarder at Cleve Area School undertaking the Certificate in Agriculture course, Sophie is passionate about the Merino wool industry and took on a school-based apprenticeship to work alongside experts in the field. Sophie comes from a long line of South Australian farmers and takes the legacy seriously—showing sheep at the Royal Adelaide Show, classing hoggets and helping manage her school’s flock.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 School-based Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Madeleine Potter

Certificate III in Individual Support
Attends Mount Gambier High School
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Boandik

Madeleine decided to take charge of her career while studying at Mount Gambier High School, volunteering in aged care facilities to see if she was suited to the career path. She enjoyed the experience and successfully applied for a school-based apprenticeship, achieving a Certificate III in Individual Care (Aging) while working towards her SACE. Madeleine took out the 2018 School Based Apprentice of the Year Award at her school, which boosted her confidence and reassured her she was on the right career path.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 School-based Apprentice of the Year Award finalist  

Caitlin Sigston

Certificate III in Dental Assisting
Attends Keith Area School
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Country Living Dentistry

Caitlin is completing a Certificate III in Dental Assisting through a school-based apprenticeship with Country Living Dentistry in Keith. An enthusiastic and involved member of her community, Caitlin has enjoyed her unofficial role promoting school-based traineeships to her peers. She says the traineeship has been a great way to kick-start her career in dentistry early without have to sacrifice her SACE.



Trainee of the Year Award

Sponsored by MEGT

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Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Trainee of the Year Award finalist  

Madison Hurley

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
Trained by SportsReady Education
Employed by AFL SportsReady
Host Employer Adelaide Football Club

Madison began a full-time traineeship with the Adelaide Crows in January 2018, only two months after graduating high school. The AFL SportsReady traineeship gave her the opportunity to gain real work experience and develop a network of key industry contacts. The role of a football trainee involved organising school visits, carnivals and developing new initiatives. As an advocate for AFL programs that inspire women to try football in a fun and safe environment, Madison especially enjoyed being able to share her love of football with thousands of young girls.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Trainee of the Year Award finalist  

Sarah Mills

Certificate III in Beauty Services
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Brazilian Beauty North Adelaide

Sarah completed a Certificate III in Beauty Services with TAFE SA and is now working full-time at Brazilian Beauty in North Adelaide. Her focus is making people feel confident in their own skin. Sarah sees this work as a stepping stone to her ultimate goal of becoming a dermatologist, a dream she’s had ever since experiencing skin problems of her own as a teenager. She would like to help people cope with similar conditions and come up with solutions that aren’t too complex or harsh on her patients’ skin.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Trainee of the Year Award finalist  

Ashleigh Norton

Certificate III & IV in Business
Trained by TAFE SA & Maxima - Recruitment, Training and Employment
Group Training Organisation Maxima - Recruitment, Training and Employment
Host Employer Mount Barker District Council

Ashleigh was honoured to receive the 2019 Maxima Trainee of the Year Award after completing a two-year business administration traineeship with Mount Barker District Council. At the completion of her traineeship she had obtained both a Certificate III and IV in Business and has since been appointed to a full-time permanent position. Ashleigh says the traineeship experience dramatically changed her life; giving her the opportunity to challenge and learn more about herself, while developing knowledge and a true appreciation for local government.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Trainee of the Year Award finalist  

Isaac Solomon

Certificate III in Government
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Tony Piccolo MP, Member for Light (Electorate Services)

Isaac is undertaking a one-year traineeship as a clerical assistant in the Office of Tony Piccolo, Member for Light, and attending a TAFE course in Government once a week. In early 2018 Isaac was first appointed to the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee and has since become Deputy Chair; working to make his hometown of Gawler a better place for young people. Also a community soccer coach and actor, Isaac’s main passions are education and politics, and he hopes to one day play a key role in reshaping our education system for the better.



Vocational Student of the Year Award

Sponsored by NewsCorp

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Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Vocational Student of the Year Award finalist  

Nathan Budarick

Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Seeley International

After finishing an apprenticeship in Clare, Nathan went on to study a Diploma in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering and is now working full-time as a part of Seeley International’s Imagineering team. A factory tour with Frank Seeley himself first sparked Nathan’s desire to pursue this career path. Ever since, his enthusiasm and skillset have been widely recognised, with success in the regional and national Worldskills trade competitions and awards for his outstanding achievements as an apprentice through TAFE SA and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Vocational Student of the Year Award finalist  

Kimberly Howell

Diploma of Leadership and Management
Trained by Fulcrum People
Employed by Treasury Wine Estates

After undergoing lifesaving brain surgery in 2017, Kimberly was forced to put her studies on hold while she recovered. Returning to work in 2018, she was eager to recommence her Diploma of Purchasing and was also selected for a Diploma of Leadership and Management with employer Treasury Wines Estate. Despite significant challenges, Kimberley was able to balance her full-time job and intensive study load. Currently in the role of Training Coordinator, Kimberley hopes to use the skills she’s learnt to encourage others to see their potential and undertake vocational studies of their own.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Vocational Student of the Year Award finalist  

Shaona Imaru

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Uniting SA

Shaona was born in a refugee camp in Tanzania before her family were granted a visa to Australia when she was eleven. One of eight children, she helped care for younger siblings while completing her school studies and working a part-time retail job. Shaona enrolled in a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance with TAFE SA, believing the course would give her real insight into a career in the health industry. She’s since commenced a Bachelor of Nursing, which will allow her to achieve her goal of caring for people and working all around the world.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Vocational Student of the Year Award finalist  

Gemma Weedall

Diploma of Event Management
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Adelaide Venue Management Corporation

Following a Bachelor of Social Sciences, Gemma discovered a passion for events; an industry that caters to her organisation, project management skills and key attention to detail, as well as a love of attending events and bringing people together. To kick start her career, Gemma has taken on volunteering roles and internships, one of which was with the Adelaide Convention Centre and resulted in her current position of Sales and Marketing Coordinator with Adelaide Venue Management. She now balances study towards a Diploma of Event Management at TAFE SA with her new full-time role.



VET Trainer or Teacher of the Year Award

Sponsored by Skilled Careers

Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Finalist  

Shannon Baldock

Employed by TAFE SA

Shannon’s training journey began with an Electronics Traineeship at TAFE SA, where he joined a large computer wholesaler to hone his IT and customer service skills. He launched his own IT support business before starting an electrical apprenticeship at 23. Over the next 13 years, Shannon built a successful business employing four electricians and training an apprentice of his own. Now an electrical/refrigeration lecturer, he is influenced by many of his former lecturers from TAFE SA and is passionate about finding each student’s individual learning styles.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Finalist  

Gina Dal Santo

Employed by TAFE SA

Gina teaches a range of subjects in her roles as a lecturer with TAFE SA, but her main discipline and passion is cheese making. A passion for learning about food, cheese, and her Italian background inspired Gina to become a Food Technologist. She’s now managing the Artisan Cheese Making Academy and travels the world judging international cheese competitions and furthering her expertise. She received the Dairy Industry Association Manufacturing Scholarship in 2011 and Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2015.


Photo of SA Training Awards 2019 Finalist  

Piotr Wawrzycki

Employed by PEER

Piotr (Peter) Wawrzycki is an Electrical Trainer at PEER with nearly 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry. Until moving into the VET sector five years ago, Piotr never imagined himself as a trainer. However, he’s found the experience to be the most rewarding and enjoyable of his career. He’s developed an appetite for learning styles, psychology of learners and human motivation, which helps him understand what motivates each individual learner and adapt his training to provide students with the best opportunity to complete their qualifications.



Organisation awards

Training Provider of the Year Award

Sponsored by MAS National

MAS logo

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Education Centre  

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Education Centre

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Education Centre is a leading education provider for people seeking a career within nursing, health, aged or community care.

As the education division of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch)—the peak professional and industrial body for nurses, midwives and personal care workers—the Centre is underpinned by an educator force of practising clinicians and a direct relationship with the health care industry. An exclusive alignment with research partners ensures its curriculum remains at the forefront of evidence-based industry best practice.



Adelaide Institute of Hospitality

Career Employment Group is a not-for-profit organisation providing recruitment, training and employment solutions to the communities of South Australia.

CEG currently offers four training facilities in Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Roxby Downs and Adelaide. The Adelaide facility, Adelaide Institute of Hospitality offers Commercial Cookery and Hospitality training, including master classes conducted by a Michelin Star chef.

Adelaide Institute of Hospitality began with one class of 12 students in 2012 and has grown to training over 500 hospitality students per annum.



Independent Institute – IIFP

Established in 2002, Independent Institute provides enterprise specific training, assessment and compliance services for various levels of industry. Operating across South Australia, students gain job-specific skills and qualifications ranging from entry level Certificates to Diplomas.

Independent Institute are heavily focused on AgriFood and have always had a ‘paddock-to-plate’ and ‘seed-to-salad’ concept. To support this approach, they not only have food, meat, baking and cooking qualifications on scope, but also a broad range of agriculture, horticulture and livestock qualifications, as well as courses in business and leadership.


Time Education and Training  

Time Education & Training

Time Education & Training is a leading provider of customised corporate and nationally accredited training, consultancy and support services.

Their mission is “Making Good People…Great”.

Time is proud to have established successful pre-employment programs leading disenfranchised jobseekers to meaningful employment. They have strong vocational education partnerships with some of the most well-known SA businesses and are consistently exceeding the expectation of clients.


Small Employer of the Year Award

Sponsored by MAS National

MAS logo

Tim Siv's Terry White chemist Clare  

Tim Siv's TWCM Clare

The focus at Tim Siv's Terry White Chemmart is putting the family’s health first. Based in Clare, the 100% locally-owned and operated community pharmacy is renowned for its friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Working alongside other health care professionals, the team are happy to assist with customised compounded medications, medication management, complete health checks, vaccinations and pain and asthma management. The pharmacy also offers Parents Advice, an SMS service taking better care of the community.


Vincent Painting Services  

Vincent Painting Services

Vincent Painting Services is a proud family run and award-winning business, with the principal painter boasting over 24 years’ experience in the trade. The business offers quality workmanship and service for painting jobs of all sizes; including restorations and new builds. Their motto is: Show us your vision and we will show you how to achieve it.


Medium Employer of the Year Award

Sponsored by Training and Skills Commission

Deaf Can:Do Group  

Deaf Can:Do (Royal South Australian Deaf Society Inc.)

The Can:Do Group encompasses three non-for-profit organisations: Can:Do 4Kids, Deaf Can:Do and Can:Do Hearing. Together, they provide direct specialist services, therapy and support to more than 7,000 South Australians who face each day with hearing or vision impairment.

Can:Do Hearing is a social enterprise audiology business that provides hearing tests and solutions to the South Australian community. Its profits help pay for vital services delivered by other arms of the organisation.


Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation  

Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation

Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation’s mission is to alleviate disadvantage among the local Aboriginal and broader community. This involves providing community development services, support, and employment and training opportunities. The Working on Country program employs Indigenous Rangers and Coordinators to undertake environmental activities in the Lower River Murray, Lakes and Coorong region.

Activities include maintenance of a native plant nursery, rehabilitation of wetlands, habitat restoration, monitoring and protection of threatened plant and animal species, weed and pest control and cultural site protection. The Raukkan Aboriginal Learning On Country program provides employment and training to Aboriginal community members.


Outside ideas  

Outside Ideas

Outside Ideas specialises in large-scale landscaping works, civil construction, structural concreting and ongoing landscape maintenance programs.

Established in 2003, Outside Ideas has grown to a team of more than 150 full-time staff, delivering world-class projects from the city to regional locations across the country.

The organisation’s work reflects a drive for quality and innovation, while remaining focused on value, buildability and functionality. It has developed strong relationships within the construction industry as it delivers projects in the civic, commercial, health, education, transport and leisure sectors.


Whyalla aged care  

Whyalla Aged Care Inc

Whyalla Aged Care is a community evolved, not-for-profit organisation that has been providing residential aged care, retirement housing and community aged care services since 1968.

Since this time, the organisation has continued to develop and grow services to meet the needs of an ageing population and support people requiring disability services in the Whyalla Community.

Employing 270 staff, Whyalla Aged Care has a strategic focus on growing their own workforce by providing and supporting rewarding career opportunities across all business areas.


Large Employer of the Year Award

Sponsored by TAFE SA

TAFE SA logo



Based in the state’s South East, Boandik is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to people who are ageing and have a disability; enabling them to live their life as they choose. As a community organisation, they are proactive in determining the current and future needs of the community and expanding services to meet those needs.

The organisation recognises its staff as the key to achieving this purpose, and make it a priority to support them through internal and external training and professional development opportunities.




OTR is proudly South Australian owned and operated. Parent company, Peregrine Corporation, is the state’s largest private employer, employing over 4,000 Australians. As South Australia’s most innovative and leading convenience retailer, OTR has more than 145 petrol and convenience stores across metropolitan and regional South Australia, including two stores in regional Victoria.

Evolving from a traditional model of a fuel store, OTR has become a world-class 24/7 retail convenience store that provides guests with an extensive range of products and services around the clock.



Viterra Operations Pty Ltd

With nearly 800 permanent employees, and up to 1500 additional casual employees during harvest, Viterra is a major South Australian employer.

Viterra operates a storage and handling network for a range of agricultural commodities, connecting growers across South Australia and western Victoria with end-use customers in Australia and around the world.

Their facilities service more than 5,000 grower customers with around 40 buyers purchasing grain directly from growers through the Viterra system.


VET Innovation for Schools Award

Sponsored by Department for Education

Department for Education

Edward John Eyre High School  

Edward John Eyre High School

Edward John Eyre High School offers students the chance to connect with industry through quality VET programs, helping school graduates prepare for the demands of the workplace in an ever-changing and globally competitive economic environment.

In partnership with TAFE SA, the school delivers 18 courses across Certificate II and III, allowing students to explore a variety of industries and careers.

To help students keep up to date in their VET and other school studies, the school has developed an innovative week-block delivery model. They’ve also appointed a support teacher for each course to provide students with weekly support sessions.



Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools’ Alliance [NASSSA]

Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools' Alliance is a confederation of eleven public schools. By collaborating, combining resources and mobilizing community and industry support, the alliance aims to improve outcomes for their students.

The focus is on identifying and supporting educational innovation so students can successfully transition from school to employment, training and further education. The organisation acts as a key link between schools, community, university, Registered Training Organisations and industry partners across northern Adelaide.

NASSSA are winners of the Australian Training Awards School Pathways to VET Award and have a representative on the Education and Services Industry Skills Council.


St Patricks Technical College  

St Patrick's Technical College

St Patrick’s Technical College is a purpose built, specialist trade training school, offering education, training and apprenticeship pathways to Year 11 and 12 students.

Every aspect of the College is designed to combine VET and SACE into one seamless educational experience. Work skills are central across all programs, assisting students to develop vital interview, resume writing, goal setting, teamwork, communication and employability skills.

The team works with an extensive network of employers, industry associations, training providers and group training organisations to source opportunities for students to start their trade careers.


Warriappendi School  

Warriappendi School

Warriappendi School is a secondary education provider for Aboriginal students, and has an individualised and culturally appropriate approach that facilitates personal growth, belonging and future direction.

Students learn to experience success and self-belief through the various and diverse opportunities available. All students are supported to transition to meaningful pathways beyond Warriappendi.

There are several innovative components within the VET curriculum, including a work-ready program, Hospitality Trade Skills Centre, Certificate III Catering Operations Certificate, Certificate III Business Administration Certificate, and a food van.


Industry Collaboration Award

Sponsored by Maxima

Name of Collaboration: AIE/SA Power Networks Vocational Placement Program

Academy of Interactive EntertainmentSA Power Networks

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
SA Power Networks

A collaborative project with SA Power Networks allowed students of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) to work on a specialised 3D environment using virtual reality technology.

Students were tasked with building a replica of a regional electric substation that allows a user to virtually navigate the site. AIE students benefited from the technical and corporate office experience and SA Power Networks was able to progress this project into a safety training simulator; saving time and money and reducing risks.



Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association

Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association (ACFA)
North East Vocational College
Employment Options
SA - Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)
TABMA Group Training
Sydney Tools (National Distribution Network)

The South Australian Industry Revitalisation Strategy is equipping apprentices and businesses with the knowledge required to foster continued growth and build a sustainable skills base to ensure the longevity of the cabinet and furniture-making sectors.

A diverse collaboration of key organisations established the strategy—and the Allied Timber Trades Apprenticeships Pathway Program—to rebuild sector confidence in the face of increasing global competitiveness and local workforce challenges. It was shaped by a thorough engagement process; including targeted surveys and industry roundtables.


Name of Collaboration: Datacom, TAFE SA, Workskil and SYC - Symbiotically Committed to Positive Community Outcomes
Datacom Connect Pty Ltd
Service to Youth Council


Datacom, TAFE SA, Workskil and SYC have joined forces to help ensure the long-term sustainability of career and training opportunities for the people of South Australia.

An innovative model of collaborative recruitment, job screening and pre and post-employment training programs has enabled the establishment of a bespoke vocational education and training program.

This program addresses participants’ low self-esteem and self-confidence concerns through creative training methodologies and has resulted in a decrease in unemployment within Northern Adelaide suburbs.


Name of Collaboration: Miss Mysa Events Refugee Youth Employment Pilot

Miss MYSA events   Quality Training and Hospitality CollegeCommunity Corporate

Employer: Miss Mysa Events
Diversity Employment Service: Community Corporate
RTO: Quality Training and Hospitality College

A collaboration between Miss Mysa Events, Quality Training and Hospitality College and Community Corporate delivered the first project in Australia to offer support, skilling opportunities and secure work for refugee youth in the hospitality sector.

This life-changing hospitality career program, which consists of accredited and non-accredited training, coaching and work experience, was offered to seven unemployed, young refugees. All participants were successful in gaining employment upon completion.