SATA Awards 2018

Individual Awards


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award

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Mareesha Darcy

Certificate III in Retail
Trained by KFC
Employed by Kentucky Fried Chicken Pty Ltd - KFC

Currently training to be a shift supervisor at KFC Port Adelaide, Mareesha comes from the Narungga people from Point Pearce on the Yorke Peninsula. Completing two retail VET qualifications created many opportunities for Mareesha to follow a retail career pathway on to management. Mareesha loves her job and has the confidence to be successful thanks to her new-found skills and knowledge. She hopes to inspire other young Aboriginal people to complete traineeships in the future.

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Ashleigh Darrie

Certificate III in Community Services (Community Work)
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by AFL SportsReady, hosted Alexandrina Council

Ashleigh’s passion to serve and provide for her community encouraged her to undertake a traineeship through the Regional Youth Traineeship Program with the Alexandrina Council, studying a Certificate III in Community Services. Since completing her traineeship, she is now employed full-time at the council as a co-coordinator of the community grants program and a central administrator for her team. Ashleigh thoroughly enjoys her work and takes great pride in sharing the knowledge she has gained. In the future, she hopes to be a mentor and an ambassador for young Aboriginal and regionally based people in traineeships.

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Lachlan Stone

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Stone Environmental (self-employed)

Now running a successful business, Lachlan’s study at TAFE SA made a huge impact on his life. Encouraged by his uncle at 16 years old, Lachlan started at TAFE and couldn’t believe how quickly he was able to pick up new practical, useful, and interesting information. Lachlan then started working in the resource management industry, but realising he needed further knowledge, returned again to TAFE to study a Certificate III, which co-ordinated with the work he was doing, so it was practical and useful. In the future, Lachlan plans to continue learning by completing a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management.

Bradyn Wild  

Bradyn Wild

Certificate III Plumbing
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Trainee & Apprentice Placement Service INC

Completing his plumbing apprenticeship in April 2018, Bradyn’s journey began at school, where he completed a Certificate I in Construction. After completing Year 12 he returned home to Ceduna to work for 18 months, before moving back to Adelaide in pursuit of a plumbing apprenticeship, gaining employment through Trainee & Apprentice Placement Service (TAPS). Undertaking his training at Tonsley TAFE, Braydn worked throughout his apprenticeship at Hindmarsh Plumbing in the construction division. He is now using the skills he gained throughout his apprenticeship to help train new apprentices at Hindmarsh Plumbing, and hopes to one day become a project manager.


Apprentice of the Year Award

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Jarrod Morton

Certificate III Electrotechnology – Electrician
Trained by PEER 
Employed by PEER 

Completing an electrical apprenticeship with PEER, Jarrod’s host employer is a contractor in the industrial electrical field carrying out automation, power and control installations and maintenance. Starting his journey at St. Patrick’s Technical College, Jarrod studied applied engineering and developed a passion for the electrical field through successful work placements during Year 11. Jarrod now aims to learn as much as he possibly can about the electrical industry, and hopes to one day become an electrical engineer.


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Kara Reynolds

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by JR Pumps Pty Ltd
Group Training Organisation: MEGT

Currently employed as a mechanical fitter/pump specialist and WHS supervisor within her family’s business, JR Pumps, Kara was exposed to the family business from childhood. After completing school, Kara tried working in a corporate environment and the mining industry, but always found herself back on weekends and after hours to help with the business. Completing a Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Kara returned to JR Pumps working as a safety supervisor and trade assistant. Eager to continue learning to potentially take over the business one day, Kara enrolled as an adult fitter and turner apprentice, which is proving to be the most rewarding decision she has ever made.

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Kerri Stratton

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined)
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Bici Espresso e Pasticceria

Passionate about the baking industry, Kerri completed her study through TAFE SA while working at Bici Espresso e Pasticceria in Adelaide. She worked hard throughout her apprenticeship and took initiative to become more involved in the industry, taking part in two industry trips, truly inspired by the bakers she met. In the future Kerri hopes to continue developing her skills in, and expanding her knowledge of, desserts and patisserie and to work within the baking industry overseas to experience what different cultures have to offer.

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Gabrielle Watherston

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Kingsford Hotel Gawler

Gabrielle studied two VET courses through school and absolutely loved the learning and experiences. As part of her Certificate III she completed 50 hours of work experience at Caffe Primo and was offered a job with the company. She then worked with her school to secure an apprenticeship at Caffe Primo and, within a short time, was balancing Year 12 and part-time work hours, successfully finishing school with numerous awards and her SACE. In the future Gabrielle hopes to run cooking classes, finish her Certificate IV in Hospitality, and open a local business that supports the community.


School-based Apprentice of the Year Award

Sponsored by DE - Navigating Future Pathways

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Santiago Bribiesca Diaz

Certificate III in Hospitality
Attends St Patrick's Technical College
Trained by CEG
Employed by The Mayfair Hotel

Currently completing a Certificate III in Hospitality at CEG, Santiago is employed as a school-based apprentice at The Mayfair Hotel and attends St Patrick's Technical College to complete his SACE. Passionate about pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, Santiago transferred from Xavier College to St Patrick's Technical College, as it provided a pathway into the industry. In future, Santiago hopes to attend the International College of Hotel Management to hopefully become a hotel manager at the Mayfair Hotel. Santiago is the first person that has been employed by the Mayfair Hotel in housekeeping as a Trainee and School Based Apprentice, after impressing the supervisors during work experience.

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Marisa Di Vittorio

Certificate III in Hairdressing
Attends Nazareth Catholic College
Trained by Clip Joint
Employed by Acqua Lounge Hair Studio

Marisa is currently undertaking a school based apprenticeship as a hairdresser, while completing Year 12 at Nazareth Catholic College and working at Acqua Lounge Hair Studio. Her drive to become a hairdresser started as a child, when she would practise braiding and blow drying her mum’s hair knowing one day she would like to have her own salon. While in Year 10, she completed an introduction to hair and beauty program and enjoyed it so much she undertook a Certificate II Salon Assistant program. Starting her apprenticeship in Year 12, Marisa is inspired every day as a hairdresser, and loves seeing the clients reactions and making people feel good about themselves.

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Cain Gerrits

Certificate III in Solid Brick Plastering
Attends St Patrick's Technical College
Trained by Flexible Construction Training & Assessments (FCTA)
Employed by Gerrits Plastering

Inspired by his father, grandfather and great grandfather to pursue a career in plastering, Cain has dreams of one day taking over the family business. In Year 11 at St Patrick's Technical College, Cain is completing a school based apprenticeship at Gerrits Plastering and training at Flexible Construction Training & Assessments. Always striving for more, Cain continues to push himself to achieve his goals and living a happy and fulfilling life.

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Shanna-Lee Locker

Certificate III in Hairdressing
Attends Mount Gambier High School
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by James Gray Salon

After completing a Certificate II in Salon Assistant in 2017, Shanna-Lee gained part-time employment at James Gray Salon followed by an offer to undertake a school based apprenticeship, studying Certificate III in Hairdressing through TAFE SA. Shanna-Lee demonstrates excellent time management skills, successfully balancing her apprenticeship, TAFE and Year 12 studies, as well as taking on various leadership roles at school and in the community. She also keeps up-to-date with industry trends, actively engaging in opportunities for new learning in her chosen field. She was also asked to speak at the 2018 Career Expo.


Trainee of the Year Award

Sponsored by Training and Skills Commission

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Pamela Anderson

Certificate IV Business
Trained by MADEC Australia
Employed by AFL SportsReady

Pamela’s inspiration for entering a traineeship stemmed from losing a close friend, which opened her eyes to what she really wanted in life. Progressing from a Certificate III in Business Traineeship to a Certificate IV in Business Traineeship with AFL SportsReady Pamela kick started her career in business. Making the most of every opportunity paved the way for Pamela to be offered full-time work with AFL SportsReady on completion of her traineeship. She hopes to use her strengths to support trainees and students through their journey in the future.

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Harrison Collins

Certificate lll Civil Construction Plant Operations
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Leighton Collins Contracting
Group Training Organisation: Maxima
Hosted by The City of Onkaparinga

With dreams of owning his own successful earthmoving/civil construction business, Harrison believes his strong start through Maxima Group Training and TAFE SA has put him on the right path to one day achieve this. Influenced by his parents to aim high and dream big, Harrison knows hard work and persistence really does pay off. Along with owning his own business, he hopes to inspire and encourage other young people and believes he will never truly work a day in his life, because he loves what he does.

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Kirsty Potter

Certificate IV Telecommunications Engineering Technology
Trained by Comtech Training
Employed by Programmed

Kirsty never would have thought she would end up working within the biggest telecommunication company in Australia, but is now a radio designer in the access and facility network engineering team at Telstra. Previously studying and working within different industries, a traineeship was the perfect opportunity for Kirsty to expand her knowledge, skills and career prospects without committing to a full-time university degree. She is excited to continue in the industry to see how technology evolves in the future.

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Kira Tahu

Certificate III in Business
Trained by TAFE SA
Employed by Department for Environment and Water

Employed in the Department for Environment and Water as an executive assistant and due to complete a Certificate III in Business in June 2018, Kira’s father inspired her to achieve her aspirations and helped her through depression by teaching her courage, ambition and self-love. A firm believer in the saying 'hardships prepare extraordinary people for extraordinary things' Kira wants to spread awareness of depression, assuring people they are capable of overcoming anything and letting them know it's okay if you're not okay, encouraging people to speak out.


Vocational Student of the Year Award

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Bianka Kennedy

Diploma of Live Production Design
Trained by AC Arts, TAFE SA
Employed by Guildhouse & self employed as a theatre designer

Since recently graduating Bianka has worked as a freelance set, costume and props designer with independent theatre markers and production houses including House of Sand and State Theatre Company South Australia, the state’s flagship professional theatre company. Additionally she has designed and produced public art works for City of Adelaide and will deliver a commission for SA Power Networks later in 2018. She also works part time for a visual arts not-for-profit and serves on the Australian Production Design Guild SA Committee. Bianka has always had a desire to be creative and her studies have enabled her to leave a corporate career and follow this passion for the arts.

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Jaydon Kovarik

Diploma in Aquaculture
Trained by TAFE SA

Born in Darwin, Jaydon was influenced by fishing from a young age when his grandfather gave him a fishing rod and tackle for his first birthday. Passionate about sustainable aquaculture practices, Jaydon strongly believes we need to address issues including over-fishing our oceans and damaging our fresh waterway systems, as early as possible. Currently completing Year 12 and a Diploma of Aquaculture at TAFE, Jaydon plans to study a Graduate Diploma in Science (Aquaculture) at Flinders University in the near future.

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Sarah Twyford

Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising
Trained by TAFE SA
Self employed

Inspired after taking a short course, Sarah Twyford made an unconventional career change from pharmacist to fashion designer, studying an Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising at TAFE SA. Intrigued by the hands-on learning environment, Sarah studied the skills required to design, draft and manufacture her own garments. Encouraged by her lecturers, she entered emerging designer competitions while studying, with her designs worn on the runway at the Adelaide Fashion Festival and interstate. Her creative use of design at the Australasian Young Designer Wool Awards won her the opportunity to study fashion in Milan, and she is currently developing her own Australian-based label that she hopes to launch at the end of 2018.

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Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Trained by Limestone Coast Training

Completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care through Limestone Coast Training while in Year 12, Zahra is now volunteering at Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten. Supported by the staff and children at the child care services, Zahra aims to start a Bachelor of Primary Education to achieve her goal of becoming a teacher, in order to transfer her knowledge to others. She hopes the whole community can benefit from her future achievements.


VET Trainer or Teacher of the Year Award

Sponsored by Training and Skills Commission

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Judy Hilton

Employed by TAFE SA

A career educator with 25 years’ experience in early childhood, school and adult education, TAFE SA educator Judy Hilton is passionate about embedding skills to support psychological health, wellbeing and resilience into adult education. Through the delivery of the Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and the development of an accredited course in Wellbeing and Resilience at TAFE SA, Judy has enabled training in this field through the VET sector. Judy is the lead educator and the catalyst behind this innovation, and her ultimate goal is for all students to learn skills that support their wellbeing and resilience, along with the skills they learn for their chosen vocation.

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Joanna Child

Employed by TAFE SA

With more than 20 years’ experience in the tourism, events and travel industry in Australia and the United Kingdom, Joanna brings her passion for the sector to educating the next generation. Joanna joined TAFE SA in 2003 while studying for a Master’s degree as an international student. Australia became her home, and she joined the TAFE SA team as a full-time lecturer in 2006, coordinating several programs and taking on teaching, mentoring and industry engagement responsibilities. Joanna is now the principal lecturer in tourism, events and travel for TAFE SA, has been involved in a number of industry committees and is actively engaged in industry training and accreditation.

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Darren Quinn

Employed by Commercial Motor Industries (CMI) Toyota Adelaide

Currently employed as the Training and Development Manager at CMI Toyota, a division of the Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) Group, Darren is a passionate automotive trainer. After spending seven years as a technical trainer and training curriculum developer for GM Holden, Darren took on his current role in August 2017. Drawing on his previous experiences to support the development of 45 trainee and apprentices currently employed in the CMV Group’s light vehicle dealerships, Darren’s aim is to improve the quality of training available for all learners to access.

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Linda-Sue Burton

Employed by St Patrick's Technical College

Linda-Sue is training the next generation of electricians through the Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) at St Patrick’s Technical College. Initially starting a science degree at university, she moved to an electrical apprenticeship, realising it suited her better. Three years ago, she studied to become a teacher and now teaches across the SACE STEM curriculum supporting the students’ VET studies. Linda-Sue describes herself as a perpetual student, always looking for the next challenge, and she believes education is the path to empowerment and having choices in life. Linda-Sue leads by example in a respectful and supportive learning environment to help students achieve their goals.


Organisation Awards

Industry Collaboration Award

Sponsored by Industry Capability Network (ICN SA)

ICN SA logo

  • Name of Collaboration: Disability Support Worker Pre- employment program
    (Hessel Group - ENHANCE Training, SACARE)
    The program outlines the successful collaboration between facilitation of training through Enhance training and employment outcomes with SACARE as an employer. The Disability Support Worker Pre employment program ensured that participants were equipped with not only skills, knowledge and qualifications, but hands-on experience in the disability sector. This collaboration has produced a total of 3 full certificate III programs, training over 50 participants and also involved a host of different stakeholders and partners, all specific to the demographic and needs of the individual programs. Tasters into the industry training programs were also co-developed and this enabled participants an opportunity to be involved in the industry with casual employment before committing to the full qualification and helped meet the growing need for disability support workers in the community.

  • Name of Collaboration: Lean Action Learning SA
    The Action Learning Institute
    (Robern Menz (Mfg) Ltd - Employer, Rossiters Pty Ltd - Employer, Spring Gully Foods - Employer)
    Lean Action Learning SA is a collaboration between iconic South Australian manufacturers Robern Menz, Rossi Boots and Spring Gully Foods, facilitated by The Action Learning Institute. Action learning brings companies together, to learn with and from each other while tackling problems or opportunities. Learning outcomes are recognised through formal qualification, and business outcomes are measured against set performance targets. Each partner identified a priority issue that, if resolved, would have a significant impact on business performance. Throughout the program, activities of each team member were mapped to Units of Competency from the MSS11 Sustainability Training Package. The business outcomes of the collaboration exceeded the targets set and learning outcomes were recognised through formal qualification.

  • Name of Collaboration: The Northern Adelaide P-TECH Partnership
    (St Patrick’s Technical College, Skilling Australia Foundation, TAFE SA, Defence Teaming Centre, Saab Australia, Century Engineering, PMB Defence )
    The Northern Adelaide P-TECH Partnership includes St Patrick's Technical College, the Skilling Australia Foundation, TAFE SA, Defence Teaming Centre, Saab Australia, Century Engineering and PMB Defence. St Patrick’s Technical College is South Australia’s first P-TECH school as part of a $5.1 million pilot project supported by the Australian Government. The collaborative program is based on partnerships among high school and vocational education, industry and community. It is focused on supporting young people to make successful transitions from school to work and preparing them for the jobs of the future, contributing to the skills required to address the workforce needs of the defence industry particularly for northern Adelaide. The key elements of P-TECH include innovative curriculum and approaches to learning, industry mentoring and support, post-school qualification, and links to jobs. The aim is to ignite young people’s interest in STEM, and build their understanding of the range of STEM related careers available.

  • Name of Collaboration: The U-Turn Construction Pathways Program
    (Mossop Construction + Interiors, South Australian Department for Correctional Services, Totalspace Design, TAFE SA)
    The U-Turn Construction Pathways Program is a collaboration between the Department for Correctional Services, Totalspace Design, Mossop Construction + Interiors, and TAFE SA. Through the upgrade of an existing accommodation block at the Adelaide Women’s Prison, female prisoners gained skills and experience on a real construction site working alongside professional contractors, receiving industry accredited training. The aim of the program is to give participants the chance to be a productive team member on a real construction project. By increasing their confidence and self-esteem levels, U-Turn encourages women towards job opportunities in the construction industry and a positive future upon their release from prison. Four participants have transitioned into the workforce, with more to follow. U-Turn has created links with the community, establishing a network of pathway employers who recognise the benefit of the program and the valuable skills the women have gained through their involvement. U-Turn will continue to evolve and expand its reach, making a real difference for women released from prison, their children and families, and for our community.


Small Employer of the Year

Sponsored by MAS National

MAS National logo

  • Ocean View Dental
    Situated in the heart of the Lefevre Peninsula in Adelaide’s north-western suburbs, Ocean View Dental was opened by local Adelaide graduate Dr Anna Kanter and her husband Brian Johnston in 2015. Started with the desire and commitment to bring the very best of patient care to the Lefevre Peninsula, Ocean View Dental provides general and preventative treatment, smile makeovers and reconstruction procedures as well emergency treatment. Committed to providing dentistry for generations Ocean View Dental look after patient’s oral health throughout all the stages of their lives by providing them with expert dental care they can trust.

  • SMS Geotechnical
    In 2013, Darren Shotton, Damien Mashford and Callum Smith opened SMS Geotechnical, a construction materials testing business. SMS Geotechnical started out as three directors and soon grew to nearly 20 staff as a multi-disciplinary company, and in 2016 opened a Port Lincoln facility. Their focus is to provide a service for clients over and above the nearest competitor, with fully trained technicians both onsite and in the laboratory. All staff, from upper management to junior staff, have technical backgrounds to provide technical assistance when required. Early in 2017, SMS Geotechnical purchased Soil Surveys, a well-known and respected drilling company, enabling them to be a one stop shop for all geotechnical and environmental requirements, from the initial investigation right through to construction. Dedicated to clients in the geotechnical and environmental industries, they not only pride ourselves on their quality of work but also how the industry can further developed.

  • Stainless Engineering & Maintenance Pty Ltd
    Established in 1998, Stainless Engineering & Maintenance Pty Ltd (SEAM) specialises in providing a diversified range of infrastructure and bespoke manufacturing, installation, maintenance and design services to the wine, food, beverage and water industries. Their teams are highly skilled and work across multiple projects in complex and challenging environments. This enables them to maintain operational capacity while ensuring the continued safety of their staff, their workplace and the general public. SEAM recognises that clients expect reliability, versatility and professionalism, with projects completed on time and to the highest standard. They aim to provide clients with tailor-made solutions to meet their precise requirements whilst maintaining the highest standards of continued training and workmanship.

  • The Toybox Community Child Care Centre
    The Toybox Community Child Care Centre, established in 1987, has been providing services to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula for 30 years. Toybox is currently rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards. It is a not-for-profit service and all proceeds go back into the centre for improvements and staff training. Toybox currently plans to increase the licencing capacity of the centre from 53 to 70 places in response to community demand for quality care. Toybox believes in sustainable environmental practice and has an ongoing pledge to provide support to the local community and the families. Toybox has long been a supportive environment for work experience students, student teachers, and local volunteers, linking childcare to the community at every opportunity.


Training Provider of the Year

Sponsored by MAS National

MAS National logo

  • MTC Training
    MTC Training has expanded its scope of delivery and its strategic plan from catering for the training needs of Marcellin Technical College trade students and apprentices in 2010 to a new exciting frontier of training. This involves working closely with the local community, addressing local industry needs through apprenticeship qualifications, and developing leading practice in VET in Schools programs. MTC Training believes technical and trade skills should be afforded equal regard alongside university study to build a skilled workforce for the future and harness our capacity as a nation. MTC Training has therefore targeted a unique segment in the market that aspires to capture the attention of the young people who represent our trade and technical futures.

  • PEER
    PEER is a non-profit industry-based registered training and group training organisation, delivering nationally accredited training packages to meet South Australia’s skill development needs. PEER began in 1985 and has trained 48,000 people including more than 3,000 apprentices with a 90 per cent completion rate. PEER is highly regarded for delivering trade training and assessment in the electrical, plumbing, data communications, and refrigeration and air-conditioning trades. As a group training organisation, it is the largest employer of apprentices within the building and construction industry in SA, with more than 400 apprentices and trainees. It also delivers pre-vocational training, VET in Schools, short upskilling courses and skills recognition. PEER’s training is customised and personalised to accommodate the learning styles of each student and delivered by qualified professional trainers.

  • Quality Training and Hospitality College
    Quality Training and Hospitality College is a multi-generational family owned business. They are one of Australia’s largest private training companies in hospitality and management with strong links to the industry. In their 26th year, they are continuing to grow and innovate with new developments such as: Hospitality Jobs – a nation-wide social media juggernaut; a state of the art new centre for training and administration; ‘Kicking goals’ in partnership with Adelaide Oval; a relaunch of training facilities at Quality Catering at the Adelaide Zoo; a national rollout of training for jobseekers; exclusive Masterclass Workshop series; and the Hospitality Hire initiative, linking employers and jobseekers. Quality Training and Hospitality College pride themselves on providing real outcomes for students. Training takes place in a functioning hospitality environment under the mentorship of elite industry professionals.


Medium Employer of the Year

Sponsored by MEGT (Australia) Ltd

MEGT (Australia) Ltd logo

  • A.G. O’Connor Pty Ltd
    O’Connors are delivering new projects for South Australia built with energy efficient mechanical systems for the long term. They believe “Our people are our brand,” and seek to add value in all they do. Committed to delivering excellent outcomes and creating long term relationships with our customers, their journey spans from developing concepts and cost plans, to engineering, drafting, manufacturing, project management, installation, and compliance. They are an end to end privately-owned company with a diverse structure of qualifications, systems and infrastructure which enables us to provide personal attention to our customers’ requirements.

  • Clarke Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd
    Clarke Energy (Australia), a Kohler owned company, is the distributor and service provider for the General Electric reciprocating gas engine ranges and the Australia Pacific distributor for the Kohler diesel engine ranges. With a presence in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, Clarke Energy Australia employs more than 120 people. They are a world leader in the design, installation and maintenance of gas and diesel engines, from single module power generation to large-scale gas fired power stations. The Australia Pacific’s head office is in Adelaide, South Australia, boasting purpose built offices and warehouse facilities, and is home to its own “Training Centre of Excellence”. Clarke Energy credits its commitment to training and developing its employees as a major factor in its success as a business and industry leader.

  • Fleurieu Cranes
    Fleurieu Cranes is a multi-disciplinary, service-based company operating within a broad range of industries since 2005. Their commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of their people is supported by their empowered culture and ‘Safety First’ attitude. Fleurieu Cranes has substantial experience in a range of sectors including resources, energy and renewables, and construction (residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure). Their primary focus is to provide cost effective solutions across crane hire, logistics and materials handling. Fleurieu Cranes is 100 per cent South Australian owned and operated, with a fleet of more than 40 cranes, associated transport and access equipment, and more than 90 personnel. They aspire to be the industry leader and exclusive specialist in Crane Lifting and Associated Services.

  • Wickham Flower
    Operating for more than 86 years, Wickham Flower has 90 trained staff across five regional locations servicing 5000+ customers. Wickham Flower sells and services Mazda and Nissan light vehicles as well as John Deere, Goldacres, JCB, Kuhn and other agricultural equipment and Machinery in the south east of South Australia. For the past three years they have been the top John Deere Franchise for customer satisfaction in Australia, which they believe is due to their investment in the training and development of their people to deliver quality service and products. Known for an authentic and genuine approach to service delivery, Wickham Flower is proud to be supporting regional SA’s economic growth and investing in the community.


Large Employer of the Year

Sponsored by TAFE SA


  • JBS Australia - Bordertown site
    JBS Australia is the largest meat processing company in Australia and a division of JBS, the largest animal protein processing company in the world, working in the areas of food, leather, pet products, biodiesel, collagen, cans and cleaning products. The team strives to uphold the company values of planning, determination, discipline, availability, sincerity and simplicity. Through a network of ten processing facilities and five feedlots stretching from Townsville in north Queensland to Devonport in Tasmania, JBS has a daily processing capacity of more than 8,000 cattle and 21,000 small stock. JBS Australia has developed a reputation as a leading supplier of Australian beef and lamb products. JBS Australia exports to more than 80 countries while also maintaining significant market share in the domestic beef and lamb markets. JBS Australia employs more than 8,500 people across Australia in a wide range of specialist roles.

  • Lendlease Engineering Pty Limited
    NorthHub is an employment, skills and training centre, established by Lendlease in collaboration with the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, to connect jobseekers with employment opportunities on the Northern Connector Project. Lendlease is committed to meeting the workforce participation targets for the life of the Northern Connector Project, ensuring 20 per cent of the onsite labour hours are undertaken by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, apprentices, trainees and cadets, local people with barriers to employment and displaced automotive workers. The project will support an average 480 full time equivalent workers each year during construction, with a minimum of 50 per cent residing in northern Adelaide. The project is currently exceeding these targets. Lendlease has expanded NorthHub’s services to support other projects' employment and training needs, including the Gawler Rail Electrification Project, the Air7000 Defence project and the Blakes Crossing community development project.

  • McDonald's Australia Ltd
    McDonald’s is one of Australia’s largest employers and trainers across regional and metropolitan areas. They employ over 100,000 people in Australia and invest over $40 million every year in employee training and development. McDonald's attract people who love to create and serve food, possess an infectious attitude, provide world-class customer service, and most importantly, like to have fun while they’re working. There are just over 5,000 staff working in 53 restaurants in South Australia, with 95 per cent owned and operated by South Australian Licensees. Their aim is a ‘Smile at Every Seat’ which incorporates our customers, our menu, our people and our community in driving our way forward.