The Training and Skills Commission launched Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series at The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo in May 2017 to over 150 key industry stakeholders, academics and community leaders.

The Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series will draw upon the Commission’s independent economic modelling and qualification demand assessment to explore the critical issues impacting on the South Australian VET sector and provide a platform for industry to address the skills and workforce development needs of the South Australian economy.

As part of the Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series (PDF), the Commission will be exploring the following policy areas:

1.     The future of Traineeships and Apprenticeships
2.     Recognising the Value of Adult and Community Education (ACE) (PDF)
3.     Industry's Priority VET Qualification 
4.     Regional Profiles
5.     Economic Modelling

The Skills Investment Plan 2017-18 (PDF) was also launched by the Hon. Susan Close, Minister for Higher Education and Skills.

The government’s Skills Investment Plan for 2017–18 (PDF) outlines the directions for public investment in skills and employment initiatives. The Skills Investment Plan is the result of the annual investment planning process, which considers a range of factors, including:

  • the Commission’s modelling work
  • outcomes of the survey of industry priority qualifications conducted by the Commission
  • an assessment of qualification supply
  • outcomes of the public value assessment of qualifications
  • information gathered through stakeholder engagement.

The morning concluded with a robust discussion on the future of traineeships and apprenticeships in South Australia.

The Commission’s consultation and engagement approach will continue to be industry-led, evidence based and a model that embraces collaborative partnership with government, industry and community.