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Sally Neville

Sally Neville

Deputy Chief Executive, Restaurant and Catering Australia

Sally has been involved in the hospitality industry for most of her working life. From her background in science as a laboratory technician for CSIRO Division of Human Nutrition, she ran her own restaurant and catering businesses in Adelaide for over 20 years.

Over that time, as a member of the then Restaurant Association, she believed that the Association could do more to support the time poor, labour intensive, small business hospitality sector. Since taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer SA in 2002, she strives to offer practical tools and advice to members as well as fulfilling the leadership role that the position entails.

From October 2014 she took up the role of a Deputy CEO for Restaurant & Catering Australia, responsible for operations for the organisation nationally. In addition to developing strategy and public policy for the organisation, she is a strong advocate for skills development. Sally is cognisant of the human resource challenges that the industry endures and is committed to raising the profile of VET in the community to reinstate tourism and hospitality as a bona fide career path.

Sally holds the Certified Professional Restauranteur Accreditation, holds an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, an Associate Diploma in Medical Technology and the Company Directors Diploma.

Shaun de Bruyn

Shaun de Bruyn

Deputy Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA)

Shaun de Bruyn is the Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA). He is a dedicated industry advocate with over 15 years' experience delivering strong outcomes across the leisure, travel and tourism industry within South Australia.

Shaun's background is both wide and varied having worked within the roles of relationship management, business planning, destination and experience development, marketing and distribution, government engagement and strategic management. 

He has also successfully completed a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Tourism from Flinders University. 

Shaun's wealth of knowledge combined with his diverse experience and genuine passion for the industry enabled him to take on the role as CEO of TiCSA in 2015. Currently, his primary focus is to advocate on behalf of TiCSA's 900-plus members and maintain a close working relationship with the State Government to implement TiCSA's Tourism Industry Agenda. The agenda seeks to unlock the full economic potential of tourism within South Australia. 

Shaun looks forward to the opportunity to help influence the governments agenda on skills and training through his role as a Deputy Member of the Training and Skills Commission over the next two years.


  • Elizabeth (Liz) Turley - Australian Hotels Association SA Branch
  • Emma Kardachi - Food & Wine Collective
  • Henrik Wallgren - South Australian Wine Industry Association
  • Julie Bates - Regional Development Australia, Murraylands & Riverlands
  • David Christian- Adelaide Casino
  • Paul Brown - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours
  • Ron Heinrich - Baking Association of Australia
  • Victoria McClurg - Barossa Valley Cheese Company
  • Dee Slade - Complete Hospitality Training Skills - Clubs SA
  • Rilka Warbanoff - Rilka’s Real Food
Food, Wine, Tourism & Hospitality ISC

Front Row (left to right) Rob Heinrich, Sally Neville (Chair), Paul Brown, Liz Turley.
Back Row (left to right) Rilka Warbanoff, Henrik Wallgren, David Christian, Dee Slade, Julie Bates.
Absent: Shaun de Bruyn (Deputy Chair), Victoria McClurg