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Marie Paterson

Marie Paterson

Chief Executive Officer, Construction Industry Training Board

Marie Paterson is a CEO who values engagement with people to ensure they achieve their potential, implements strategic thinking to achieve her organisational goals and engenders collaboration between organisations to drive continuous improvement.

As a leader and manager with more than 25 years of experience across industries including oil and gas, consulting and training, clothing and textiles, group training and wine production, she is cognisant of the importance of stakeholder engagement and consultation.

Marie has gained extensive knowledge in the building and construction sector throughout her roles at the Civil Contractors Federation and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Construction Industry Training Board. A qualified Finance and Human Resource professional, Marie is experienced in strategic business management, financial decision making, international business operations and training. Marie was appointed as a member of the interim Training and Skills Commission in July 2018 and re-appointed in 2019.

Bob Potter

Bob Potter

Deputy Chair
Former Executive Officer, Energy Skills Board (SA)

Bob started with an apprenticeship in the “radio” trade and went on to complete a diploma in electronics. He worked primarily in the medical electronics and radio communications industries.

Over time, Bob moved from technical roles to management in those industries. He experienced a highly successful career which he attributes to the support and encouragement of mentors with whom he worked. Throughout his career, Bob has sought to similarly assist others as they developed their own futures.

Bob became involved with the VET system in the mid 1990’s as a part time trainer and assessor. Following retirement from corporate management roles, in 2007, he took a position with an Industry Training Advisory Board (ITAB) in the Northern Territory. This opened contact and involvement with national Industry Skills Councils and the processes around the maintenance and development of Training Packages. He was a member of, or chaired, several national Training Advisory Committees and Industry Reference Groups.

Following his return to Adelaide Bob became Executive Officer of Energy Skills SA, the SA ITAB for the Electrotechnology and Energy industries. A lack of funding support saw this close in October 2018, but Bob continues to advocate for quality training to meet industry needs.


  • Angela Coker - SA Power Networks
  • Larry Moore - National Electrical & Communications Association SA/NT Chapter
  • Stephen Knight - Housing Industry Association Ltd
  • Sebastian Casey - Oz Minerals
  • Jodie Badcock - Resources and Engineering SkillsAlliance
  • Tony Mansueto - Downer Utilities Australia
  • Robran Cock - AMETQUA Pty Ltd (Member Water Industry Alliance)
  • Natalie Ward - BIS Industries
Construction, Mining & Energy ISC members

Front Row (left to right).Jodie Badcock, Marie Paterson (Chair), Bob Potter (Deputy Chair).
Back Row (left to right) Tony Mansueto, Stephen Knight, Larry Moore, Sebastian Casey.
Absent – Angela Coker, Robran Cock